Etna, an enchanting naturalistic place and UNESCO heritage site is the highest active volcano in Europe, and considered among the most active in the world.

The majestic Etna volcano, located in the eastern part of Sicily and 3329.6 meters high (continuously variable), boasts the feminine name “A Muntagna”, according to some scholars, which refers to a legendary anecdote which tells of a certain nymph bearing the name Etna, born from the union between Urano and Gea, symbolizing the divinities of Heaven and Earth respectively. Precisely for this reason “A Muntagna” tends to assume in the collective imagination the link between the earth’s magmatic center and the celestial blue.

Etna nourishes with all the love and respect of the citizens of Catania who identify it as a mother who nourishes, welcomes and sometimes destroys, and then returns to give life.

An indelible icon of all the people of Catania and its surroundings, Etna hides a series of very suggestive mysteries that make it profoundly charismatic and fascinating.

Both sides are suggestive, that of Piano Provenzana, to the north, is typically alpine, characterized by a large pine forest with changing colours; from which you can enjoy an incredible view of the Ionian Sea. The southern side is characterized by woods that alternate with volcanic rock and old lava flows from past eruptions. Here, when the snow melts, the black of the lava ash takes over. A black desert, at times with rust-colored patches, characterized by the presence of the fabulous Silvestri craters. This lunar landscape surrounds the Sapienza Refuge and is the place that will make you imagine being on the Moon, while remaining with your feet firmly on the earth.

The majestic Etna volcano is suitable for mountain biking and trekking excursions and we will have the pleasure of taking you to the enchanting places of our volcano to give you unforgettable emotions.

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