Catania is a city with a thousand-year history, boasts numerous dominations including: Greek, Roman, Ostrogothic, Byzantine, Muslim, French and Spanish until the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy in 1860; these dominations have enriched the artistic, historical, cultural and folkloristic patrimony. In the historic center of the city the persistent Baroque style has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Furthermore, the city is characterized by the Liberty style, the dominant architectural style in the first decade of the twentieth century. The history of Catania is full of legends, four of which are represented in the street lamps of Piazza Università: Colapesce, the Pii “brothers”, Gamazzita and Uzeta. Many phenomena are juxtapose with legends, among these the birth of Etna would be linked to the legend that narrates the defeat of Tifeo by Zeus; also the earthquake of 1693, which struck eastern Sicily, is surrounded by mythological tales such as the story of Don Arcaloro and bishop Francesco Carafa.

Among the typical dishes of our beloved city we find pasta alla norma, this dish has a reference to the Opera of the same name by Vincenzo Bellini; in fact the latter represents the pride of the city of Catania. Over the years other great Catania artists have made themselves known such as Franco Battiato, born and raised in Riposto in the province of Catania, I Denovo, Carmen Consoli called “la cantantessa”, Mario Biondi and many others.

Catania is certainly a fascinating city full of different facets, able to welcome visitors with different needs.

Catania awaits you!